Friday, March 6, 2009

Where's Amy Davis This Year

I miss seeing Amy Davis this year on American Idol. So I'm wondering, where is Amy this year? I've heard a ton of rumors. Things like she is a Top Model now, or that she tried out on Nashville Star, I heard a rumor that she now has an album out by a "who ever heard of them" record label. Heck, there's a girl on MySpace who swears she saw Amy Davis waiting on tables at a Truck stop near Atlanta. But I think we can throw that last one out. She's much too talented and beautiful to get stuck in a dead end job like that.

Heck if nothing else, I'm sure she could have gotten a gig on a Swimsuit calendar, but I'd like to think she's either recording albums now or at least one of those Super models.

Even though she didn't have the greatest voice on American Idol last year, she was far better than a lot of the other contestants. I think with some coaching, this woman could be a serious contender on the music charts.

I look forward to hearing (or seeing) more from Amy Davis in the future. She's a very talented young lady with a passion for what she does.

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